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Article | Article by Philippe Bhering and Marina Rossit published in Newsletter “Recht & Steuern” of the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry of São Paulo


The article “Brasilien intensiviert Bemühungen im Bereich geistiges Eigentum: Aktuelle Maßnahmen und Pläne“ (in English: “Brazil intensifies efforts in the field of Intellectual Property: Current measures and plans”) authored by Philippe Bhering and Marina Rossit, was published in the first edition of 2024 in the Newsletter “Recht & Steuern” by the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry of São Paulo (AHK/São Paulo).

The article in question discusses significant changes in Brazil’s Intellectual Property landscape. It highlights efforts by the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (INPI) to reduce the backlog of patent applications awaiting examination. Notably, adjustments in the examination queue aim to streamline the process in line with international standards. Additionally, it outlines the government’s Action Plan 2023-2025 for Intellectual Property, focusing on reducing the decision time regarding patent applications. Changes in transfer pricing rules, Brazil’s accession to the Hague Agreement, and updates in design registration procedures further illustrate Brazil’s commitment to enhancing its Intellectual Property system to foster innovation and economic development.

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