Patents and Industrial Designs


  • Patents and Industrial Designs
    Patents and Industrial Designs

    Bhering Advogados is experienced in handling the preparation, filing and monitoring of applications regarding the protection of patents and industrial designs before de Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). Every year our firm takes over hundreds of new cases involving different technologies, including those in the fields of electronics, chemicals and mechanical engineering.

    We understand that the grant of patents for inventions and utility models, as well as the registration of industrial designs, are ways to recover amounts invested in the research and the development of innovation, and strategic stages in the process of recognition and growth of our clients’ businesses. Thus, our legal practice in licensing is extremely useful for obtaining the protection of patents and industrial designs which may effectively be licensed or safeguarded in possible conflicts with third parties.

    Our main office is conveniently located near the headquarters of the BPTO in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Even after the applications have been filed at the PTO, our professionals keep continuously engaged in working with clients to provide legal support and to monitor each stage in the examination of each procedure.

    Our office works with a consolidated network of foreign correspondents, thus making possible the effective protection of our cases also abroad. Bhering Advogados has broad experience with procedures for the international filing of patent applications via Patent Cooperation Treaty – PCT.

    From individual inventors to great corporate conglomerates, either national or foreign, our team of lawyers and engineers provide precise advice on the complex procedures involved in obtaining solid protection to their inventions, utility models and designs.


    Bhering Advogados offers comprehensive patent coverage and has everything from filing to litigation on lock.

    (IAM Patents 1000, 2022 edition)

    It provides an A-to-Z patent offering.

    (IAM Patents 1000, 2021 edition)

    Bhering Advogados has the resources and proficiency to deal with all patent issues both domestically and internationally.

    (IAM Patent 1000, 2020 edition)

    With offices in Brazil, an outstanding German desk and a highly skilled in-house translation department, it runs a far-reaching, efficient service.

    (IAM Patent 1000, 2020 edition)

    Bhering has a very strategic and pragmatic approach, resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

    (IAM Patent 1000, 2019 edition)

    Is a steadfast partner for patent matters of all hues, covering prosecution, litigation and transactional issues alike with the consummate quality and considerate touches that have come to characterize its offering.

    (IAM Patent 1000, 2019 edition)

    Delivers high-quality, precise and entirely dependable work and is one of the best offices that we instruct on intellectual property across 130 countries.

    (IAM Patent 1000, 2018 edition)

    An extremely reliable and trustworthy group whose communications are timely and language skills excellent.

    (IAM Patent 1000, 2017 edition)
  • Translation

    Our firm has an in-house translation department associated with our patent department consisting of 27 professionals divided per technology segment. Our translators are skilled in various industrial sectors.

    Having an internal patent translation department allows us to offer the best translation rates and excellent quality control of all translations presented to the Brazilian Patent Office.

    Our patent translation team combines talented domain experts, native linguists and legal professionals prepared to develop the best strategies to meet deadlines with the highest quality and confidentiality standards, as well as strict end-to-end control of all translation stages.

    All our patent translations are strictly based on the originally published patent application; final translations are delivered in accordance with the formatting and file type requirements of the BRPTO and ready to be filed.

    Our expert proofreading team revises all translation projects in order to deliver patent texts that are legally recognized and to ensure their accuracy as such. This is followed by a thorough examination of overall quality, grammar & mechanics, technical background, document formatting and figures editing.

    Core Translation Services

    • Patent (Titles, Specifications, Claim Sets and Abstracts);
    • Drawings;
    • Sequence Listing;
    • Amendments under Article 34 (60-day extension term);
    • Office Actions, Filling receipts, ADS;
    • Document Reviews + Formatting according to the BRPTO requirements.

    Technical fields:

    Aircraft, automotive, energy, mechanics, electronics, information technology, telecommunications, medical, pharmaceuticals, dental products, hygiene and cosmetics, biotech, food, beverages, tobacco, adhesives & tapes, textile, chemicals and petrochemicals, mining and steel, agriculture, global packaging, among other industries.

    Human Translation + Machine Intelligence 

    We embrace technology and manage language technology software such as CAT Tools, Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which help us deliver accurate document processing and faster document triage, translation, proofreading and post-editing in the following formats:

    • MS Office
    • Excel
    • Power Point
    • PDF (Windows)
    • .rtf
    • .txml
    • .xml

    This methodology enables exceptional wide translation productivity across large volumes of projects and encompassing many document formats.

    Furthermore, we create exclusive Translation Memories (TMs) and Glossaries for proofreading with previous translations and keeping up-to-date content in the subject area. This ensures quality assurance, terminology consistency and process efficiency.


    Thanks to a stellar in-house translation department and a crew of internationally minded practitioners, the discerning set garners the most praise for its incisive counselling of global heavyweights.

    (IAM Patent 1000, 2017 edition)