Social Responsibility


  • Social Responsibility
    Social Responsibility

    At Bhering Advogados, we planned our CSR around causes that deserve our attention and dedication.

    We have incorporated a set of strategies, activities and practices that minimize environmental impact on the planet and also have a positive influence on the community around us.

    We want to positively impact out community and environment.

    We aim to inspire our coworkers and future generations.

    We look forward to giving back to our community.

    We involve everyone in our endeavor to make Culture, Education and Sports available to the less fortunate.

    We connect companies and wonderful causes.

    We strive to make the world a better place.

    These are our current projects:

    ASA – Associação Santo Agostinho is a non-profit civil organization that for 77 years has assisted more than 1400 children, adolescents and the elderly in situations of social vulnerability, in the city of São Paulo. The institution’s mission is to transform by educating and caring for children and teenagers, welcoming and promoting the well-being of the elderly, and offering opportunities for personal development with respect and dignity. The institution’s vision is to be recognized by society as a reference organization in the provision of services to the population in a situation of social vulnerability, in the different stages of life.

    Green Nation is an organization which promotes sustainability, conceived in 2011 in the wake of initiatives that prepared Rio de Janeiro for the Rio + 20 conference. Green Nation originated from CIMA (Center for Culture, Information and Environment), an organization that had a long history in the areas of environmental education and creative economy. Over almost a decade, Green Nation, through its festivals and other activities, has impacted millions of people, always uniting sustainability, creativity, citizenship and innovation with sensoriality, interactivity and emotionality in physical and digital experiences that propose to think, live and feel.

    Gerando Falcões (Generating Falcons) is a social organization that operates within a network strategy in peripheries and slums. Its projects focus on sports and culture for children and teenagers, and professional qualification for young adults and adults, being an engine of income generation for families, including those discharged from the penitentiary system. Its principle is to balance an incendiary purpose, which moves us forward, with management capacity and the search for long-term results.

    The Associação Despertar Trancoso defends the foundations and practices of sustainable tourism as a solution to preserve the natural and historical heritage of Trancoso – one of the most beautiful and sought-after Brazilian tourist destinations.

    Before carrying out more technical work in the area of ​​tourism and environment with professional training, the projects developed at ADT have a primary focus that aim at humanization, the awakening of curiosity and creativity and integral human development (physical, emotional, and social), as well as the environmental education of the population.

    ADT believes that only through this initial work is it possible to achieve the results of professional qualification and to demonstrate how sustainable tourism can promote integrity, prosperity and conservation.

    The results achieved during all these years are mainly due to the engagement of sponsors and volunteers.

  • Diversity

    Bhering Advogados values ​​cultural plurality and has diversity as an element that adds to the business. With offices in three different cities and states in Brazil, Bhering Advogados is inherently a culturally diverse workplace.

    The rich mix of different cultures in our country contributes to a dynamic environment in the office, and encourages the coexistence of co-workers of different ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and social backgrounds. Our healthy work atmosphere, marked by the internal spirit of cooperation, has a positive impact on our productivity and opens space for creativity in projects and solutions in our organization.

    Gender equality is a tradition in our office. Professional opportunities and rewards are offered regardless of gender. Currently, more than half of our 90 professionals are women, demonstrating our support for the role of professional women in today’s society.