What we do


Our practice includes the following activities:

Consultancy in Intellectual Property and Related Matters:

> Legal audit of intellectual assets;
> Rendering of legal opinions and drafting of agreements;
> Advice on the negotiation of Intellectual Property assets;
> Strategic counseling on the protection and enforcement of IP assets;
> Conduction of orientation and awareness lectures on Intellectual Property;
> Suggestions of procedures for the internal management of intellectual assets.

Legal Management of Intellectual Assets:

> Preliminary counseling regarding possible protection/registration of intellectual property assets;
> Preparation and filing of patent applications, and industrial design, trademark, and software applications with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO);
> Management and monitoring of trademark, industrial design, and patent cases, with accurate and prompt information on their prosecution history and conflicting applications by third parties;
> Diligent and timely actions in disputes in the administrative sphere;
> Registration of artistic, literary, and scientific works;
> Coordination of the protection of intellectual assets internationally;
> Advice on registration of products with the competent Brazilian authorities;
> Filing and monitoring of cases involving the recordal and/or assignment of acts and contracts of technology transfer, franchising, or licensing of Industrial Property rights.

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights:

> Dynamic hindering of piracy and unfair competition with assistance on investigations;
> Elaboration and monitoring of cease and desist letters and court-issued notifications;
> Practice in all kinds of lawsuits involving Intellectual Property matters in both civil and criminal spheres.