Trade Secrets


Certain budget, market or even technical issues make the filing of patent or industrial design applications not always the best strategy to protect innovating products or processes. As an attempt to safeguard exclusivity for a longer period than the one established by law, a lot of companies choose to keep some assets under secrecy.

Our lawyers and engineers work together with client in order to identify knowledge, information or data which bring competitive advantages in industry, commerce or services, and with a longer potential exploitation period than the temporary protection granted from patents and trade secrets.

The value of a trade secret is directly related to the measures used in the prevention from its access by third parties. Our firm has solid knowledge in the elaboration of contracts and other legal instruments which have as a purpose to safeguard the confidentiality of the valuable know-how of our clients. In case of unauthorized dissemination or access caused by fraud or employment relationship contracts, we are prepared to obtain court orders to cease fraudulent acts and seek the consequent punishment and compensation.